Terms and Conditions of Use

I the buyer hereby authorize The ICEE Company to charge my above reference credit card, which is in my possession for authorized use by me. I have read, understand & agree that this is a legal sales agreement with sales terms. By submitting this authorization / sales agreement it constitutes my unconditional agreement to follow and be bound by the sales terms & conditions. Sale terms: All sales are final, no credits, exchanges or refunds and I agree to pay in full the charges for goods/ service/ products I receive.

In choosing to use this credit card as a method of payment, I guarantee, understand and agree that the charges specified are irrevocable may not be charged back, held or stopped at any time now or in the future. I acknowledge that I am the authorized credit card holder, have read & understand the sales terms & conditions, as well as personally guarantee all funds and payments.

I understand this is a legal and binding sale. I will contact The ICEE Company, collection department to help settle any disputes or problems.