J&J Snack Foods Products

Beyond all of the ICEE Company’s FUN-Tastic frozen beverages, J&J Snack Foods also produces some of the world’s most iconic and delicious niche snack food treats and offers the top food and beverages service programs to organizations and businesses.

Foodservice Products

When going out to the movies, the mall, your favorite convenience stores and even schools, you’re sure to find some J&J Snack Foods products. Soft pretzels, churros, funnel cakes, frozen beverages, frozen novelties, bakery items and handheld treats are all some of the J&J Snack Foods items that you may find anywhere you go! Learn how you can offer J&J Snack Foods products at your business today!


Retail Products

J&J Snack Foods offers delicious retail products for customers craving a treat on-the-go or at home! Find soft pretzels other frozen novelties and biscuits and dumplings in the freezer section of your favorite local market or learn how you can bring these products to your business today!

Bakery Products

J&J Snack Foods offers delicious baked goods to customers, making life easier for everyone with pre-portioned frozen doughs, pre-baked goods like breads and cookies and commercially baked goods for on-the-go snacks! Learn how you can offer these great products at your business today!

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