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A New Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Frooooty Cereal

Two icoooonic brands, one refreshingly delicious team-up! Two beloved brands that instantly transport you to childhood and make everyday moments special. The ICEE Company has partnered with Kellogg’s® to launch a new frozen frooty treat inspired by Froot Loops® Breakfast Cereal.

Packed with fruity and refreshing flavor, it’s fun for children and adults. This isn’t just a cold beverage. It’s a nostalgic treat!

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Say hello to our NEW ICEE Red Cherry & Blue Raspberry Swirled Ice Pops!

Two of your favorite childhood flavors fused together for an iconic treat this summer. Find them in a retailer nearest you.
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Kick off your SWEET summer with SLUSH PUPPiE Frozen Pops!

Our wide variety of classic SLUSH PUPPiE flavors are sure to satisfy the whole family. Find them in a retailer nearest you.
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Now Serving The Coolest Breakfast In Town

Inspired by ICEE's best-selling Cherry and Blue Raspberry flavors, the new cereal utilizes an innovative ingredient that cools your mouth as you eat, imitating that familiar and refreshing first sip of an ICEE.

Every spoonful delivers the iconic flavors ICEE fans have come to know and love, with crunchy red and blue spheres that mimic the signature beverage color palette. As you indulge in the coolest breakfast in town, the fruity aroma evokes childhood memories so everyone can start their day with kid-like enthusiasm.
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Frozen Drinks Now in Cookie Form

This new dessert features buttery vanilla wafers filled with sweet ICEE flavored crème, taking you back to your childhood Summer days. Enjoy the original ICEE flavors, Blue Raspberry and Cherry, but without the brain freeze! Both flavors are sold exclusively at Kroger stores nationwide.

Which Flavor Are You?

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ICEE + Soft Serve + Candy + Toppings?

Check out the latest way to enjoy your favorite frozen treat in a whole new way! The possibilities are endless and create unique Instagram-worthy ICEE moments. It's a whole new way to ICEE!

Bring Some ICEE Fun HOME

Enjoy some old-fashioned fun with crayons and paper, and share your creations with us!

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Doodle Cup Coloring Page

Back by popular demand, the artwork featured during our 2018 doodle cup promotion can now be downloaded and printed at home!
Download Coloring Page

What's New?

Check Out Our Latest ICEE Flavors, Available for a Limited Time Only!

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The nostalgia of tie-dye is resurging in drink form. Mix-It-Up machines are the perfect way to offer a tie-dye ICEE.
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For more ICEE fun at home, check this out!
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