The ICEE Company is a Nationwide Beverage Company with a fifty-year history that is committed to our Customers, Partners and Employees. We are determined to employ honest and energetic employees that are passionate about what they do! We are currently accepting applications and resumes exclusively for the positions listed below.

With respect to these select positions, if you feel that you exemplify these qualities and possess the experience and skills to positively contribute to the future success of the ICEE Company, mail your resume/cover letter of your application to the address below:

The ICEE Company

ATTN: Recruiting Department
1205 S. Dupont Ave
Ontario, CA 91761-7817
or contact recruiting at (800) 426-4233

You can also email your cover letter/resume to:  or submit an online application.

Please submit your resume in Microsoft Word format so that is easily accessible to the Recruiting Team.

Please submit faxed resumes to: 866-853-4355